October Film Festival

Short Films 3

Saturday October 5, 7:15pm

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Meet Lawrence & Elizabeth Sheridan. Their once happy marriage is derailed in a way neither of them ever saw coming.

First Disco

Culture Club are no. 1, everyone’s glued to Knight Rider, and Kelly Harrison is not only experiencing her first crush, she’s going to her first disco. The only problem is that she’s getting train tracks before her big night and becomes besieged by self consciousness. However with the help of her best friend, Kelly realises what’s really important in her life.

The Blind Date

An attractive young, professional woman, named Eve, is preparing herself to go out. Her girlfriend Grace has introduced her to a “hot, young, successful, Doctor,” named, of all things, Adam. Eve slightly apprehensively goes to Adam’s apartment. They meet, chat, have a drink and are getting along just great. Eve begins to relax. They clearly have a nice chemistry. Their conversation is light, clever and witty. Everything seems to be going wonderfully until the conversation turns to politics. Suddenly, everything goes south and the “blind date” takes a dark and completely unexpected turn.


Tamara Morris is tormented by a traumatic event from her past and it's starting tomake balancing her emotions a daily struggle. Although she is a strong, nurturing woman whoadores her family, like many mothers, she is overworked and ignoring her own mental health in orderto care for everyone else. Young Tessa is only 8 years old, but she is what many would consider anold soul. She is wise beyond her years and very protective of her mother. There are times when theroles of mother and daughter seem reversed, with Tessa playing the role of caregiver even going sofar as to try and make sure her mother has taken her medication.

American Marriage

Leonardo, a New York Italian immigrant facing deportation fakes a marriage with Hispanic single mother Nikki to get American citizenship.