October Film Festival

Short Films 1

Thursday October 3, 7:30pm

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Gay Baby

Deonte, worried about his mortality and approaching the age Jesus died. Wanting to leave a legacy beyond material belongings; his desire for biological fatherhood has sparked a radical idea or is it?


A lonely, middle-aged man sets out in search of his soul mate after what he believes to be a fateful encounter with a banana.

Coffee and a Donut

A story of a young immigrant who knows no English, and his trials in....ordering breakfast at the local diner.

A Happy Divorce

Intelligent, beautiful, defiant, Jenny has the courage to follow her desires to get what she wants, but at what price? When our deepest desires lead to emptiness, and we sacrifice those we love, can hope survive? A Happy Divorce deals with the growing epidemic of suicide head on, while exploring the most valuable gift we possess- Life itself. 


The thrill of a first date takes an unexpected turn, when under the cover of night laws are changed and basic rights are revoked.

Death Suit

Produced by Jane Rabb (Blue Bloods, Sex and the City) and shot entirely on 16mm film. Death Suit tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a new suit while dealing with the death of his older brother.