We are an independent theater, community center & monetizing warehouse for artists.

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After producing 19 independent projects and starting a film festival, there were still many unresolved issues in the independent film industry.

The first problem was distribution. Despite raising millions of dollars for our features, the power was still in the hands of major distributors.

The second problem was environment. Independent filmmakers often have to rent poorly run spaces with outdated technology and unsupportive staff.

So, I built an independent movie theater with the independent filmmaker in mind. When you rent our space for screenings, you are in a position to control the distribution, marketing and monetization of your project. In return, we offer state-of-the-art technology, welcoming staff and affordable concessions.

Stuart Cinema and Cafe welcomes all emerging and established artists to screen at our beautiful venue with the support and respect your deserve!

Emelyn Stuart, CEO

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